Our Plug & Play Tools


Transform your supply chain management with Tra-QR, the simple tool that creates a digital copy of your product or service accessible via QR-Code.

Enhance value and simplify management by allowing different supply chain players to store all relevant files.

Experience a new level of efficiency with Tra-QR.

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Streamline property ownership and management with QR-House, the innovative app that enables owners and agents to securely store property-related documents on the blockchain.

Quickly access and share important information without the hassle of searching through physical copies.

Experience a new level of efficiency and security with QR-House.

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Empower yourself as a vehicle owner with QR-Car, the revolutionary app that enables you to securely store property-related and maintenance documents on the blockchain.

No more searching for physical copies - QR-Car gives you quick and easy access to your important vehicle information.

Experience a new level of organization and peace of mind with QR-Car.

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BitEnergy Grid

Track, verify and optimize energy consumption with ease using our Plug & Play Blockchain-based Energy Tracking System.

Enjoy accuracy and transparency while streamlining manual processes.

Invest in a smarter future today.

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