How we enhance your Business

We provide the perfect solution for companies that want to:

Guard their data in the most secure way globally

Create an efficient interconnection between the various actors in the supply chain

Increase protection against fraud and counterfeiting

Provide total or partial traceability of their products

Improve or certify quality control processes

Enhance the value of the brand and the product

Blockchain Consultancy

Ride the blockchain wave with us! Our dedicated multidisciplinary team will make it easy for you to understand how to use blockchain technology to your advantage creating immediate value for your products and services.

Custom Dapps & Platforms

Need a new twist for your business? We are experts in the design and development of customised Dapps and Platforms to innovate your business proposition. Time and cost efficiency are key desires we fulfil when building the customised solution that best meets your needs.


We walk you through all aspects of tokenisation to securely represent any kind of physical or digital assets on the blockchain; automate the distribution of rewards or fee collections thanks to smart contracts; increase the decentralisation, trust and transparency of your activities.


NFTs have practical applications in the real world! We specialize in functional NFTs use cases: digital certificates of attendance for participants in your training courses; buying and selling tickets for events on blockchain-based platforms; creating loyalty programme rewards for your best customers and much more!

IoT Integration

The Internet of Things (IoT) and connectivity are the future. We can seamlessly integrate the blockchain solution you need with any IoT system.
Real-time monitoring of production and administrative processes has no secrets for us - your collected data will be saved on a decentralized blockchain protocol that is unbreakable, immutable, and secured from any cyber-attack thanks to Quadrans Quantum-proof technology.